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One stop loan center in Malaysia to provide best loan online. We have more than 10 years of experience with thousands of satisfied customers.

30 minutes approval

Speed is the key, we will approve your application within 30 minutes after assessment of loan application. Apply online is quick & easy, simply just contact us via online, Whatsapp, Wechat or Call. Our consultants will serve you to get the best loan package.

Confidential, Safe & Professional

Our consultants are trained professionally with strong financial knowledge. They will assess your requirements and offer you the best package. We treat our customers professionally & keep all processing privately & confidentially. 

Low interest

Many customers have obtained the lowest loan rate plan from us. No hidden cost or deposit required. This is to accommodate our customers’ needs on the personal and business goal. 


We alway analyze our customers’ needs for best recommendation on the flexible repayment terms. Our high service standard have lead to highly recommendation from our customers’ friends and family.

Blacklisted Can Apply

We understand blacklisted will lead to multiple challenges especially loan application. However, you are welcome to apply the loan here even if your  loan application had rejected elsewhere.

Flexible Repayment

We have loan repayment terms maximum up to 48 months. On top of that, we also able to provide loan if you do not have guarantor or collateral.

Personal Loan

Whenever you need to achieve your personal goal or resolve your life challenges with financial support, this loan option is for you. Get the right loan package is very important for your loan planning, especially with lowest interest & best repayment terms.

Business Loan

Healthy cash flow will lead to healthy business. That is one of the key for a good company to sustain. Whether you are in business and need sufficient finance support for the business operation to buy stock, payout of salary, rental, purchase of machinery or vehicles, this is suitable for you. 


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    Thank you for your application. For your information, We are only available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Lukut & Port Dickson, Penang & Johor.
    Please call 016-555 7665 if you have any questions. Thank you.
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    Satisfied Customers

    Repayment Calculation ESTimation (RM)

    Interest/Annum: Max 12%-18%
    Loan Period: 3 – 48 months
    Other Charges: N/A
    Maximum Loan: RM400,000

    6 mths  12 mths 24 mths 36 mths
    1,000 177 93 52 38
    5,000 883 467 258 189
    10,000 1,767 933 517 378
    20,000 3,533 1,867 1,033 756
    50,000 8,833 4,667 2,583 1,889
    100,000 17,667 9,333 5,167 3,778

    For example: 
    Mr Jacky apply loan with the amount of RM 5,000 for 12 months with the interest rate of 12% per annum.

    Monthly payment: RM466.67
    Interest per month: 1%
    Total interest you pay: RM 600
    Total amount you pay: RM 5,600

    Customers reviews

    The advisors have assisted me to overcome many financial challenges since 2010. Their loan allow me to continue my restaurant business and now I already have 5 branches in town. Highly recommended.
    Mr. Jimmy Ng
    Restaurant Owner
    I use their service because the loan rate is very affordable and repayment terms is very flexible. I have sufficient capital to start the clothes business online and now the business is doing well. I am very happy with their professional service and speed to help me out.
    Pn. Rose
    Loan processing is surprisingly fast and easy. They helped me to achieve my dream with very good loan package. I have recommended their service to my friends due to their helpful advisors.
    Ms Choo

    3 Steps of Application

    Apply Online

    Fll up few simple questions online. Alternatively, you can contact us via Whatsapp or call us.


    If require, we will contact you and get more information in order to process your application


    Once we have all necessary information and documents, we will approve your loan within 30 minutes.